A year ago I started to join sahm group & found like minded mommies around & I feel good getting to know more people rather than depressing being sahm. As times goes, our toddler are going to preschool. I felt that the moms are completing whose kid are smarter, & which prestigious preschool, what enrichment they attend. I felt pressure becos I think that's not the goal for being in a support group. Someone pls advise me should I leave the group or just remain silent after..

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Leave the group if it is causing you distress.. I mean, the whole idea of joining the group(s) is to get support and share experience not making anyone uncomfortable..

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Just leave the group if it's all about comparing. Being in a group means we needed support. There isn't a need to compare and see who is smarter and all.

Leave then... since the group is no longer like minded ppl as you. Why hang on to it? Hope you find another like-minded support group soon

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Leave the group. It's supposed to be supportive, but if you don't get that from the group, then why stay, right? Stay in ParentTown ;)

If it's causing me distress and we don't share the same thoughts no point in staying in the group. We join groups to get support.

either just leave or just ignore when people start comparing and don't participate in tt part of the conversation :)

If it's causing you distress, you should definitely leave the group.

Totally leave the group

Leave the group