1 week behind on early scan

Hi! Just wondering.. Should i be worried when i'm supposed to be week 6 but dr is measuring im on week 5 based on the transvaginal scan.. At the same time, we saw its heartbeat flickering.. I will have another scan on week 9 in 2 weeks time.. Does anyone encountered this before?

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Yes it’s normal! I thought I was 6 weeks too upon my first scan but when they did the abdominal ultrasound I was only 5w 4d. Could see the flickering heart too! Was told to come back again in 4 weeks and was told I was actually 11 weeks instead of 10 weeks! They even changed the EDD from 25th Oct to 19 Oct. Don’t worry. It’s still too small to detect the the age of fetus at the moment. Just continue with your folic acid until your next appt.

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3y ago

Ahhhh.. Thanks! Hopefully everything is okay💓💓

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Yup, both my scan dates were at least 1 week different from the dates calculated by last menstrual period. Heh. Just follow the date on the scan:)

3y ago