Week 9 but week 6 in size?

Week 9 based on LMP, but yesterday trans abdominal scan shows week 6 in size. Cannot detect heartbeat. Gestational sac, yolk sac/fetal pole present. Repeat visit after 2 weeks for transvaginal scan. Any similar stories ? I’m hopeful but prepare for the worst. Thank you for responding mummies 💕

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It you calculate based on LMP sometimes it may not be that accurate esp if you have irregular period or late implantation. Usually on the 1st scan (dating scan) then we follow based on the ultrasound. Fetal pole usually can detect on transvaginal scan at about 6 weeks, and abdominal scan at about 7 weeks. So it could be a bit early that's why never detect. Although I've never experienced something similar, I have heard of stories of others in similar situation who end up with viable pregnancies. Now can only wait and pray for the best. I hope it all goes well for you! I know its such an agonizing wait cuz I had a threatened miscarriage (bleeding & cramps) last week and doc told me there's a chance I could miscarry so I've been feeling so worried while waiting for my next scan. Same thing here, preparing for the worse yet still hopeful!

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2y ago

Hi! Thank you for taking time to respond. I am hopeful for increase in embryo size and detectable heartbeat after 2 weeks. I am praying for your safe pregnancy🙏🏽 My partner said worrying would not help us, instead it will stress the body. Let nature take its course and trust our body to do its best. Men logic. Hope it helps. Women are amazingly strong. Stay awesome mummy 🎉🤰🏽

Hi any updates on the scan? Hoping for the best. I’m experiencing the same now. 8 weeks but transvaginal scan shows 5.7 weeks. First scan on 6 weeks shows only yolk sac. 2nd scan (at o&g emergency cos light bleeding) on 7+3 weeks still the same. Today I went for 3rd scan at 8weeks, fetal pole appear but still no heartbeat 😭

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2mo ago

I having this issue now, how was your pregnancy?