Vomit during 2nd trimester

My wife is already in her 2nd trimester (Week 14) but she is still always vomiting. She said that she always feels like bloated, feels like there is air in her stomach. What do you think is the solution for this? Thank you for the response.

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Gantan din po ako ang ginagawa ko po isusuka ko tapos iinom ako ng tubig. Baka po acidic yung Mrs nyo. Kasi ako kaoag hnd umiinom ng mga Milk, chocolate , citrus hnd ako nagsusuka pag feeling ko bloated ako susuka ko ulit. Pero iinom ako madaming tubig. Tuwing gabi hnd ako makatulog kasi nararamdanan ko.

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3y ago

Ok po. Salamat po. Ganun narin po gawin namin.

visit your OB... if extreme vomiting but not dehydrated reresetahan sya ng antiacid... but if extreme vomiting and there is a sign of dehydration and extreme weight loss, need maconfine ng misis mo at maswero for she might be suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum..