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Why does my 13 months-to-be baby start crying/wailing as soon as he wakes up? I start to put him to sleep by 750pm the night before, and he falls asleep by 815pm. By 2+am, I noticed that he will start stirring a bit, or tossing and turning, daddy manage to sooth him to sleep, but then stirs again by 4+ and 5+ he will be up and crying. Advise, any mummy?

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Hi, Make sure your toddler isn't sleeping too much or too little during the day. If you think your toddler might be overtired, try an earlier bedtime and make sure he's getting enough daytime naps. If you think he's waking at night because he's napping too much during the day, try shortening his nap.

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Hi, does he have enough solids in the day? Sounds like baby is hungry