How do you sleep train 13 months baby?

Hi mummies my baby is used being rock n cradle to sleep during nap and bedtime. I tried to leave him alone but he will cry murder. Tried to pat him to sleep but it will be almost 2 hrs and i gave up already. He will be wide awake by then and start playing in the dark. Will i still be able to train him cause he will be entering childcare once he hit 18 months. I really need help? Will hire sleep consultant works? Anyone hire before? Thanks alot mummies.

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I feel that u doesn't need to hire a sleep consultant , u can do it together with your toddler by having some patience and routine tips . Put him in his cot and dim the lights , let him roll and play in his cot . Continue to pat him and sing some lullaby song . Be prepared to wait for a couple of hours . Continue the same routine and timing tomoro , the next day and so on . He will get it by a week or two . Do it both during nap time and sleeping time .

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