Which trimester of pregnancy did you find it the hardest?

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Which trimester of pregnancy did you find it the hardest?
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Can’t speak for every 1st pregnancy, but that would be 1st trimester for me. Cause everything is new and you don’t know what’s right and what’s not. What’s normal and what’s not. You need to get used to the nausea, the fatigue, the loss of appetite for certain foods. At 1st trimester, you’re constantly worrying about whether your little bubble of joy is growing healthily in that tiny little sac of yours. Constantly checking whether you’re bleeding down there or having any abnormal discharge. It’s 24/7 worry worry worry. Hahaha.

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Actually i have an easy pregnancy, no morning sickness or cramp or craving... until i was tested having Gdm thats when i cant eat proper, need to walk alot to burn sugar and have to inject myself with insulin 4 times a day.. plus force to induce by doc yet i cant dilate and had to have emergency c-sec

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Hmm. First pregnancy is during first trimester cause I had the worse morning sickness ever. But, for my second pregnancy is during the last trimester. My bump is too big and it's so uncomfortable.. it's aching and my pelvic is kinda pain due to the pressure

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First trimester. Nauseous and sleepy the entire time. Aversion to food. No appetite but yet hungry at the same time. Can’t function like a normal human being. Let alone work! Oh gosh.

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Final trimester is hardest to bear with it: the cumbersome movements, frequent interruption to toilet trips throughout the night and uncomfortable lower abdominal aching.

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3rd trimester .. is like horrible , unable to sleep properly , lots of time to go to pee , cramps in the middle of nt .. oophh so many horrible things happened

At which week do you generally get very nauseous and sleepy? I’m at week 4 and I feel very normal. Kinda worried 😅

my wife just stepped into the 3rd trimester. Struggling to sleep in a comfortable position and having a ligament pain as well.

My first pregnancy was generally a breeze. Had occasional morning sickness here and there but it’s not the severe kind.

First trimester...when we worry the most and can’t eat well or even drink well.. say the least even function normally