Did you give less attention to your husband after your baby was born?

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Did you give less attention to your husband after your baby was born?
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sadly, yess. we both agreed abt the issue. so what we have now is whenever its LO playtime, we 3 will be tgt and when LO is asleep at night, we try to cuddle and joke arnd for a bit. sometimes too noisy till LO wakes up 😂

Unfortunately yes. But it’s for the good of the baby. I only have 2 hands and both are full caring for my newborn. My husband can have my attention back in future when baby is grown 😊

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Yes.. am glad my husband is understanding, and now that both kids have stabilised, we’ve been spending more time with each other again

Of course no time for him. That's the only sacrifice he's making when the baby comes, as compared to my sacrifices 😅

for sure, yes... fortunately, hubby himself is more engrossed with the baby than me... so it balances out...

Yup coz there’s only one of me and the child needs so much attention and care that I’m tired too.

Actually yes!! Both of us give our attention more to our children instead of each other now...

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Yes. It was kinda inevitable. But still have to take time to nurture the relationship!

My husband just cares about fishing and I am always home with BB alongside my Dad 😔

sadly, yes. but my husband is understanding one. especially I am first time Mama.