What song makes you think of your spouse?

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What song makes you think of your spouse?
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Totally agree that 16 weeks is not enough. But sadly most companies are already not happy with that and we cannot do anything about it.

Lost in Your Eyes by Debbie Gibson. He picked it for one of wedding montages and likes to sing it to me during ktv 🥰

Lucky by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat. It came out when we started dating & we were best friends first 😊

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Gary cao’s song causes we were dating when his is so popular that time 🥰

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Lucky. Cos we started the r/s when that song becomes real popular 😂

ed sheeran- perfect he sang for me when he tryna get me to be his 🤪

You’re still the one by shania twain ❤️❤️❤️

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shane - beautiful in white, our wedding song 😊

All type of songs. Because she's always in my mind

4y ago

Your wife is lucky that she’s always on your mind 👍

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Alone in the room by Asking Alexandria 😂