Which of these 3 sponge bottle cleaner is the best? I am really in a dilemma and need help. Looks a simple decision to make but still..

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I'd use the bristle brush on the left, because they can be dried better than sponges - sponges may absorb water and whatever you cleaned off of the bottles, and if not kept or dried well, it'll remain inside the sponge and go back into the bottle when you wash it again. Remember to keep all brushes (sponge or bristle) in a dry place where it can dry properly, away from the cooking area in kitchen or humid places!

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If it's a plastic bottle, the one on the right (green) is the best. If it's glass/ or stainless steel, the one on the left. Reason being the bristle will scratch the plastics

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I'd go with the brush - the little bristles can reach crevices a sponge wouldn't be able to. Also, the sponge can fall apart into little pieces.

E thing about sponge is that the ends can crumble which I find annoying. Think it lasts maybe few weeks? The brush lasts longer...

I prefer the sponge. because I find that it's easier to clean the inside thoroughly. but the brush last longer compared to the sponge.

Use both .. Brush is for stubborn stain .. And sponge its work for oily bottle and for sure clean .. U can see the different.

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Brush is better. But i will also have a sponge brush to clean oily bottles(breastmilk or added dha)

For me po kasi mas gsto ko yun may sponge sa dulo para hanggang ilalim ng bottle nalilinis ko po

we r using the munchkin. it's not bad!! we change our brush every now and then for hygiene