Which is more practical and useful? Kindermuzik or Gymboree? Or do you have any other suggestions for 2-year old kids?

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Depends on your child's development also! If you want to encourage speech, go for Kindermusik. If it's about physical milestones, Gymboree is good. My daughter was ahead in terms of physical milestones so we went with Kindermusik and she loves it!

I'm also considering these 2 classes for my toddlers, We've only tried the free trial for my eldest and I feel the rate is quite high for a 45-minute class. I haven't tried Kindermuzik though,

You can also consider the distance of both centers from your house. Gymboree is nearer from our place so I highly consider it.

How much sa kindermuzik? 6 months un baby ko.