For Dad , can clean the whole house while wife is pregnant ? Any suggestions ??

Which household can and cannot do while wife is pregnant ?

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Everything can be cleaned. Some people believe no shifting of bed, sewing, painting, nailing and no attending of wake etc as it may affect the baby. Having said that, my wife's great grandma passed on when my wife was on 28 weeks of pregnancy. We still attended throughout and followed the advice from the funeral parlour by tying a red cloth on my wife's waist. My wife gave birth on EDD without complications and health issue.

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2y ago


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Are you referring to which household chore your wife can do? Or asking which products you can use to clean the house? Or which part of the house you can clean while your wife is pregnant?

2y ago

Hahaha , ic ok.

Huh? How does cleaning house have any possible ill effect on pregnancy? Best to do it often. Hygiene.

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Best to keep everything clean for a healthful living environment

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can. everything has to be cleaned tho.


Why not?