spectra or real bubbee

Which is better? S1, s9+ or real bubbee? Do i need to buy just 1 or should i buy 2(1 for home and another one for work/going out)? And to buy online or in shops? Where can i find in shops? If online, can it be trusted as there is huge difference in pricing?

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I bought s1 for home usage. And s9 plus for work. S1 really can clear my boobs very well. As for s9 plus it can clear but need longer time. I use s1 first follow by purchasing s9 plus during my confinement time. Both purchase from q10. Grab coupon and uterlized it. S1 got it for 100 plus. S9 plus got it for 100.

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I buy S1+ online Qoo for about $169 and Real Bubee for work at $20 at Shopee.

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S1 is really good. I’m using that

Real bubbee only can get online.