Breast pump, handsfree or wired

Im a FTM and still not sure which breast pump to buy. is it necessary to have a wired pump and wearable pump both at the same time ? Im still stuck between wanting to buy spectra s9 or just buy wearable breast pump like babyexpress or youha. And if i were to buy handsfree wearable breastpump, can i just buy 1 side or best to buy for both sides? Any experienced mummies can advice? #advicepls #firsttimemom

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no it’s not necessary to have two at the same time. the wearable one helps a lot of you go out or wish to move around the house while pumping. best to buy both sides to clear both at the same time. you’ll be so exhausted, if you wait to pump one by one it will waste even more time.

I would suggest wearable hands free! It brings about a lot of convenience. I started out with medela freestyle (wired) and switched out to wearable hands free pump, it was life changing!! I can continue with my life as per normal while pumping. Best is get both sides for efficiency.

Mostly hands free is best as then you can work while pumping