IFC or maid better?

Which is better? Maid or infant care? Pls share your thoughts

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Infant care.. I got this thoughts as well at the start but end up I choose infant care as they can start learning from young and engage in different activities.. like that time Father's day, he made two cards already when he is only 5mth old..

Prefer infant care. More professional and trs will plan activities to engage babies. But heard from others that baby will get sick in the first few months as they are more exposed to the outside world..

Maid as there’s housework you won’t have time for since you’d rather spend time with baby! Best is you have grandparents who can supervise the maid.

IFC is better. Should have trust my guts feeling instead of listening to others whom i trust.

Domestic helper if someone can supervise and you are lucky to have a good one otherwise IFC.

Would prefer helpers if you are working and if you have some one to supervise the helper.

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IFC! There is more accountability and they do have activities for babies.

If maid alone taking care of baby then nope. I will place at IFC.

would prefer infantcare.

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IFC more safe I think.