Which one is better for 7 months old baby to wear for swimming pool? Charlie banana swim diaper or Swim suit for baby?

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A thermal swim wear and a swim diaper for young babies. Baby catches cold quite easily especially if the pool is not a heated pool. Thus, a thermal swim wear is a good investment.

7y ago

Ok noted mummy.. Thanks fyi

yes wear both. my 7mth old wear a swim diaper n a thermal swimsuit when swimming. swim diaper is to catch poop n thermal swimwear is to help reduce cold

7y ago

Thanks fyi.. I will take note

We use iPlay's swim diaper which also has UV protection, and pack a spare disposable swim diaper just in case.

7y ago

Thanks mummy fyi.. Will look at iplay swim diaper

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We just use the swim diaper - but we go to the pool in the afternoon so the water is warm

7y ago

Can.. Thanks fyi.. Will go before evening time

Swim diaper and perhaps a good swimsuit with UV protection over it.

7y ago

Oh ok can.. Thanks mummy

We are using a thermal swim wear and disposable swim diapers

7y ago

Thanks mummy.. Noted

We are using Huggies little swimmers disposable swim diaper

7y ago

Can.. Will go search Huggies disposable n see how.. Thanks fyi

Thermal suit as still young must keep them warm

7y ago

Noted.. Thanks mummy

This is babies new swimsuit :)

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