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Hi all , I would like to bring my LO (16 months old) for water play in the pool. But what kind of baby swimming float should I get ? Those cheap 5-7 bucks ones or a good one like the swimtrainer ? Not sure if I should get the cheap one first to let Lo play first or to invest right away. Both swim positions are different. Thank you for the advise.

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my 16 month old used to point to her body parts and respond to A B C s. but now she stopped suddenly for a seems like she forgot or she wouldn't respond. should I be worried

I started with inflatable arm bands for both my kids. The inflatable vests are also good. Even though you'll be with your baby in the water, best to buy good quality gear.

You can buy those from toys r rus They are not bad and reasonable Else try online Get the vest kind or the ones around the arms But I think safest is the vest

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Swimtrainer is really good! Safety comes first! :) thou swimtrainer is pricey my daughter used it since she is 1.5 years old till now five

6y ago

She use the which Colour version ?

Was advised by the life guards to use arm band types instead of tube floats.