What do you do for cradle cap? Any natural remedies?

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Most cases of cradle cap will clear up in due time. You can wash your baby's hair and scalp gently with baby shampoo. This can help prevent a build-up of scales. Massaging baby oil or natural oil, such as almond or olive oil, into their scalp at night can help loosen the crust. Some of my friends swear by Vaseline. Massage it in at night and by the morning, baby should be crust-free. Shea Butter works too!

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I have used olive oil for my babies. Apply the oil on baby's head and leave it for 15mins before bath time. During bath time, gently rub it with cotton buds. Do not press too hard. Repeat for few days it will be totally cleared. So far this is effective and cheapest way to remove the craddle cap.

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Coconut oil/olive oil before bath. A generous amount. Let it sit for 15-30mins. And then during bath take a comb and gently brush it out. You can also use seba med's children shampoo, Mustela's foam shampoo, dentinox cradle cap shampoo. These can general be picked up at Watsons. Besides shampoo try Mustela Stelaker, which is a scalp cream specially formulated to treat cradle cap.

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