Cradle cap?

Hi, recently I realized that there is some small patches on my baby’s scalp. Is this cradle cap or something else? What can I do to get rid of it?

Cradle cap?
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It will drop on its own. However, I bought those soft bristle brush (from Pigeon) and comb her head when I shower her. It seems to work

apply n massage some olive oil on the area. i usually do it 15mins before shower, and will shampoo n wash off. within a week all is clear...

1y ago

What kind of olive oil do you use?


I use musteela cradle cap cream (apply at night) and wash off with musteela cradle cap shampoo the next morning. Seems work

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Cradle cap .. don’t worry , while bathing u can just do gentle massage with hair brush or with hand .. it will go away

Just apply oilve oil 30mins before bathe. Then just rub it off gently. Will have to do few times.

1y ago

What type of olive oil do you use? Any brand?

I used mustela foam shampoo and olive oil after shower. It cleared after 2-3 days.

normal lang po yan sis. kusa naman po yan matatanggal since araw araw dn naliligo si baby

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English pls, ppl ask in english

which kind of olive oil should I buy? any brand? thank you

Dentinox cradle cap and olive oil 😊

1y ago

What type of olive oil did you use? Any brand?

This is awesome. Try this

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