Ask the Expert Series: Self-love

Who is excited for another Ask the Expert Session ??‍♀️ To end the month of April, we have our expert Candy Lim - Rebel Image Coach, Certified Career Coach and DoubleJoy Mum, where she will answer your burning questions on loving and taking care of yourselves ? Do remember to comment below your questions for our Expert ?

Ask the Expert Series: Self-love
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For a first time mum, hit by covid situation job stop since February and now also pregnant, luckily husband got his perm job in Jan (previously a grab driver that car fees repair and fuel cannot even cover from 10hrs of work) also about the same time we knew that a newborn is on her way. We do not have much saving left, we turn to good condition 2nd hand stuff in carousell for baby items as much as we can without compromising on hygiene, we believe the rest of the saving sld be well spend on baby delivery to keep baby safe going for appointments and scans with the professionals. We try to live a fruitful life everyday but really control on spending while preparing for baby girl to come in July. Confinement nanny is a big no-no for us. When one breadwinner salary to be pass on to the CL not to mention the ingredients and consumables required during confinement. We are only left with DIY methods while he is not being confirm yet in his employment. At this situation self-love seem to be so far and no longer an option for us. The sandwich class is as such, we have to survive through by spending more time on preparation to give our baby the best as we believe she deserve the best that we can afford. Do give us some advise.

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You are such a strong and amazing mummy! I am sure baby will be born healthy and resilience like you. :) Self love can be free and does not need lots of financial investment… it could be 10mins meditation time to recharge and refocus. What are your hobbies? Baking can be quite therapeutic too. How about being kind to yourself to being with? Looking at the cup half full instead of half empty