Ask the Expert Series: Self-love

Who is excited for another Ask the Expert Session ??‍♀️ To end the month of April, we have our expert Candy Lim - Rebel Image Coach, Certified Career Coach and DoubleJoy Mum, where she will answer your burning questions on loving and taking care of yourselves ? Do remember to comment below your questions for our Expert ?

Ask the Expert Series: Self-love
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I have a 8 month old baby and he used to be in infant care. I have to work from home during this circuit breaker period. When things are intense at work and I am busy, I literally had to ignore my baby when he cries or ask for attention. My husband will tend to him but I know he is crying for me. I feel so guilty when I had to do so. My husband and I will take turns to work and take care of him. But at this age, he doesn’t understand why Daddy and Mummy have to work at home and not play with him. We don’t have a helper or other family members to help out at home too. I am so stressed now. While I really treasure this unexpected period of time with my baby at home, I don’t know how to give 100% of myself to my work and to my baby. I don’t know how to love myself now or self care.

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Yes, I agree with you that it is not easy to manage WFH and taking care of toddler during this period. Must be hard on you to juggle between work and spending time with your child who just need your attention. It is good that your hubby is helping out to care for the baby and please do not feel bad about it. Take the time that your hubby is looking after your child and have a 10mins rest. For example, wear your mask and take a stroll downstairs can help you feel more recharge and looking forward to hug your baby. Discuss with your hubby, allocate and plan your time for work, family and yourself, have it printed out and follow the timetable as closely as possible. Remember, all you need is 10-15mins to recharge and reconnect back with YOU. YOU can do it :)