Do you drink coconut water in your 3rd trimester?

How often should we drink?

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I drink around once everyday, more bcos the weather is so hot and coconut is a good source of hydration. I find that I feel more thirsty from the middle of 3rd trimester, and its boring to just drink water.

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it is recommended. next week im gonna be in my third trimester (second baby) and yes I will start drinking coconut water everyday , once per day.

I drank towards the end of third tri. Not sure why everyone recommends though. But I like it cos it’s cooling and sweet

1 week once but due to my constant headache, I drink up to 3 per week at times

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Drank it even during the 1st trimester as a regular refreshment


yes! 1 week 1 green coconut from those fruits stall.

37-38weeks: 2-3x 39-40weeks: daily

Yes. Once or twice a week only.

I drank 2-3 times a week

I drank once per day