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When do you start buying nursing bra?

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3rd trimester cos breasts started to sweat more and wired ones were killing me. Personally I threw away all the pull over type of sleep bras because it was so hard and sweaty to wear them. The bands and wrapped style were killing my rib bones too. Ended up buying more bravado hook-back even after birth.

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I will buy maybe 4 at the 3rd trimester this round. Also will spare to buy 2 or 4 more after birth, coz im afraid after the milks comes in, my breast expand again, thata what happen to me previous. From C (before birth) then D during pregnancy, and E when i started feeding. Omg! Wasted alot of money

2nd trimester cause boobs were getting bigger and pre pregnancy bras couldn't fit me anymore. Bought from shopee. There are cheap ones like 4 or 5 dollars.

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I bought only at the last trimester. Try baby fair. It’s usually much cheaper there


got mine at 2nd trim, because getting more and more uncomfortable.

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Bought during 2nd trimester.

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Towards the last trimester

About 30week onward..

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I bought 3 @ 3rd tri

Last trimester