When do I need nursing bra

It is said that our boob size keep changing... So when is it a good time to buy nursing bra?

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Super Mum

I started wearing during 1st trimester. And i second getting nursing bras (and washable breast pads too) from Autumnz. I tried a few other brands too but they were not comfy. My size changed too from during pregnancy and after delivery when breastfeeding, so you might want to take that into consideration when buying the bras

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2y ago

Thanks for the advice... 👍

When the old bras gets uncomfy! I started wearing maternity bra in first tri cause my old bras are getting too uncomfortable. Best decision ever :))


I didn't buy a nursing bra till after birth. What I wear throughout pregnancy were normal bra but without wire or I will wear bralette.

2y ago


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first trimester cause trust me, you wont feel comfortable wearing the normal bra tht you always wear.

I have been wearing since 1st trimester because they are so much more comfortable.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences! 😊👍