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Can mummy's share what is the feel/happene a day befor yr labor?
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How Fast Will It be in real labor
After braxtonhicks how long will it be in real labor?
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Hi... you might find this information useful Braxton Hicks vs. true labor contractions Braxton Hicks contractions are irregular and infrequent. They usually last about 15 to 30 seconds (but sometime
Feeling weak 3rd trim
Why does eating whatever will vomit out even water intake. And noticed some loose stools. No pain. Just acid reflux badly even without eating. Any mommy have any ideal what's this?
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Check with gynae for a peace of mind
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I think it's better u see a Dr
Sounds serious. Better check with gynae
Why is tummy like gastric pain all over. 33week here. The pain is getting over...
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Me too. I keep munching to get rid of the pain and warm milk😂
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I felt that too.. so i snack more often and also drink hot drinks
I think you need to go to your gynae ASAP. This doesn’t sound normal .
Any PM baby born befor EDD here? Like 33-37week
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I gave birth to my twins when they are 32 weeks only. Are u alright?
Very Bad Acid Reflux 3rd trim...
VERY bad Acid Reflux @ 3rd trim. How to actually cure .... omg
Smaller meals
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Don’t eat too much at 1 go. Split them into a few meal instead.
Me too, eat smaller meal, liquid
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Take frequent small meals and also hot ginger water to soothe it.
Try smaller meal
31week here. recently notice tightening and baby movement kind of hurt a little. anyone encounter this?
Need an Ans:)
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Me! It’s like sharp pain out of the sudden
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34weeks here. I just feel that very uncomfortable :)
Im going into my 35 weeks, also experiencing that. Its normal as we are nearing our delivery date.