When should I start teaching my baby numbers and letters? So far we're doing nursery rhymes.

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If you are referring to formal teaching on numbers and letters, I would say 2 years old is the best time to teach first sounds and number 1-10. You can do alphabet and number puzzle. Melissa and doug brand has very good quality puzzles on these. For letters, you can associate it with the first sound of objects, e.g. A is for apple, astronaut and etc. I introduce an alphabet for about 1 week then proceed to the next one. I will do art and craft related to the alphabet of the week. Most importantly, try to make all the learning fun and interactive so they will gain interests and learn better.

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Yes. There is no rule to when a baby can learn things! The earlier the better. They may not be able to fully understand what we are teaching now but eventually they will learn it. I started teaching my boy numbers and alphabet using fingers and flash cards since he was 3 months old. I use my fingers to teach him counting of one to ten. I will also do addition by using my fingers. My boy loves it and will be very attentive whenever I start counting. He loves flash cards too. You can get these flash cards from Early Learning Centre at United Square.

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2y ago

3 months? At that age mostly the babies are super cranky or busy in other activities rt. For my first child i started when she was like 1.5yrs.. I have a 2nd child who is 6months..so u r suggesting me to show some cards and Books to her..when i show Pictures.. She is eager to bite the book adn tear it. So how shld i approach..

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Anytime! Singing the ABC song to your baby is a great way to introduce the alphabet. Babies are like sponges and they absorb knowledge very quickly. When your baby is 12 months old, you can show the basics of rote counting. For example, you can lay out 3 bibs and show your baby each bib whilst counting. http://www.babycenter.com/404_how-and-when-should-i-teach-my-child-her-numbers_6899.bc

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You'll be surprised that it starts as early as when you are pregnant. From there they are already registering.

The sooner the better. Start getting them to listen and see numbers and alphabets that's a great start!


The sooner, the better