When should I start teaching my baby numbers and letters? So far we're doing nursery rhymes.

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Yes. There is no rule to when a baby can learn things! The earlier the better. They may not be able to fully understand what we are teaching now but eventually they will learn it. I started teaching my boy numbers and alphabet using fingers and flash cards since he was 3 months old. I use my fingers to teach him counting of one to ten. I will also do addition by using my fingers. My boy loves it and will be very attentive whenever I start counting. He loves flash cards too. You can get these flash cards from Early Learning Centre at United Square.

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1y ago

3 months? At that age mostly the babies are super cranky or busy in other activities rt. For my first child i started when she was like 1.5yrs.. I have a 2nd child who is 6months..so u r suggesting me to show some cards and Books to her..when i show Pictures.. She is eager to bite the book adn tear it. So how shld i approach..