reaching 37 weeks. Do not know when to start preparing

when should i start washing all the baby clothes and setting up the baby's crib. At which week of pregnancy can i start doing so? i am nearing 37 weeks now.

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I started washing baby clothes on weekend batch by batch starting 36 weeks. The nursery is 95% set-up; will set up the cot and bedding when on my last week so that it won’t be dusty. The hospital bag are all packed and place next to the main door. All the best mama, don’t stress, do them slowly so that you enjoy the process of preparation 😉

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You can start both washing & setting up now. Cos movements can be slower at 3rd trim. Baby clothes, can start washing batch by batch. Also It won’t have any smell if you put in the drawer for weeks Week 38 , slowly pack hospital bag. You may or may not deliver early

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9mo ago

Hi mama! Congratulations on reaching 37 weeks! Im reaching 37 weeks on Tuesday as well. For myself, i packed my hospital bag first with some essentials like nursing bra, maternity pads and so on. As for baby clothing, i have been machine washing them with baby detergent. I recommend kodomo, smells heavenly 😍 I have dried the clothes and folded them to put them in drawers. Keep going! 💪🏽

33 weeks palang tiyan ko prepare ko na lahat hehe as in c bb nlng kulang😁😊 sobrang excited kasi first baby. Sana mkaraos na 😌

i washed baby clothes since 35weeks. and prepare my hospital bag at 36wks. i will set up nursery this week. i'm on my 37th

you can start now before your belly gets bigger and more difficult to move around.

You should start now. You have reached full term and will give birth anytime

You should start now. I started washing and setting up when I was at week 30

Start now