Looks like my baby is so addicted in watching nursery rhymes on youtube. Can someone give me a tip on how I can control it?

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My daughter used to addict to watch youtube clips too, when she was about 4 years old. What I did to eliminate the habit was to tell her to watch 3 clips only. After 3 clips I remove the device from her. Slowly reduce to 2 clips and eliminate it totally. You can try cold-turkey method too. Just tell your baby the ipad/iphone has spoilt and need to throw away. Most importantly, parents themselves need to reduce screentime, especially in front of the kids. I refrain myself from playing handphone when my kids are at home.

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You can read or sing those nursery rhymes to her instead? Maybe hearing the voices of mommy and daddy will help her wean off the youtube videos? Nothing beats the voices of baby's parents :)

Mine also does this. But I limit her time of using/watching ipad. I tell her that "tomorrow again" or "ipad need charging" then I see to it that I have an alternative activity for her :)

Maybe you can get those big, colourful and interactive (with sound and tactile features) nursery rhyme books and alternate her YouTube usage with the actual book.

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My daughter too you can try to download the nursery rhymes to MP3 and play it in the MP3 player they will still like it a lot and dances around