Pumping at work

When you need to pump at work, are your bosses and colleagues supportive of your “disappearance”? Would you use the common fridge or get your own?

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I am lucky to have a lactation room specially for lactating mums at my workplace. Try to plan it around lunch time (have a quick meal) and skip tea breaks to pump. I will block my calender as heads up so my colleagues will not schedule any meetings during that period. As for fridge to store BM, if there isn't any, fret not, a zip lock bag also does the job well or alternatively, invest in a cooler bag and get ice blocks, should be able to last u thru the 9 hrs.

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I did use the common fridge which is shared with at least 15 other lactating mothers. Some will even resort to storing a gigantic empty container inside to block the space. When resources are scarce, ppl become selfish.

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I used my meal times and came early and left late to pump. Didn’t disrupt my work too much and even then, most people were nice about it. Used the freezer actually. Haha. No one was fighting with me for that

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My boss breastfed her children beyond 2yo, and our team director is also pumping at work currently 😃so no issues for me. I put in the common fridge drawer compartment which is rarely used by others

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Expecting bosses and colleagues to be supportive is impossible. It's good enough if they dont conveniently forget that you need to pump.

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I use my own packit bag. Since it’s only a few more hours, no major issues cause I usually lunch in.

Yes supportive Used common fridge There is no special fridge hahahahaha

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yes supportive... used common refrigerator


Mine are okay.