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Do u all still carry on pumping when you go back to work? Is your company and colleagues supportive? I’m now feeding my baby breast milk and formula. Was thinking to carry on pumping when I’m back to work even my breastmilk supply not much. Feel got how much then give how much till no more or I should just give him full formula? I’m fully pumping since given birth.. is a tiring process...

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At 6 months my supply has dropped drastically. I used to pump hundreds in a day. Now I can only pump 15ml in a day. But I keep going. I am still pumping. Keep them to mix with her purée. Mon-Fri I’ll pump at my desk with a nursing cover during lunchtime. Bring a cooler bag with ice pack. Sat & Sun I pump around 7:30am and try to pump again in the evening. I don’t do power pump anymore cause it’s really taxing with a 6 month old. She doesn’t want to latch anymore either. Oh well. As for washing pump parts, I bought a tiny bottle and fill it with her bottle cleanser and a small bottle brush to go with it.

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Yes I continued pumping at work. Boss very supportive. Even let me use a room to pump privately. Yes pumping is a tiring process. And I hate how I always have to carry my bottles and pump parts to work. I only have extra pump machine at work. Whether u want to stop or continue it’s entirely up to u! Even though, yes, breast milk is better for baby, sometimes u have to think about yourself as well! As long as your baby is well fed, ure doing a good job!

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3y ago

Only pump 4 times a day. So twice at work and twice at home. At work I don’t wash it. Put the parts in ziplock bag and put in the fridge.


Yes I still pump! I pump at my desk, I walk to the nursing room to put n take out my pump. I pump 2-3 time at work in average. Still pumping 4-5 times during weekdays m 3-4 times during Wkend. Using handfree pump

3y ago

U wash ur pump every time u used?

Pumped twice when I first returned to work. Cut down to once when little one turned 1 yrs old. My boss installed blinds so that I can pumped in a conference room.

used to pump around 2 times at work..then slowly reduced to 1 time

walk all the way to next shopping mall's nursing room twice a day 😅

3y ago

Wah... 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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yes I continue to pump but reduced the number of times

I pump three times at work, bit both during meals

Yes, I did .My colleagues helped me a lot.

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Yes. I continued pumping at work.