FTWM who is still latching your LO beyond 1 year, do you still pump at work or just latch when you go back? If you stop pumping at work, does your milk supply drop?

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My target in bf her was to reach the 1 yo mark. Since I managed to achieve that, I started giving LO fm as well. Since I also intend to stop bf soon, I stopped pumping at work, so the supply indeed drops, I try to DL her less when I get home. recently she is down w flu, she doesn't really drink much, so instead of giving her fm, i let her dl as much as possible. the supply increased quite a bit. hope this piece of info helps. but you must understand that it differs from mommy to mommy, body to body.

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You can just latch when you are with her. Supply will def drop a little. But the supply is still there as she is latching at night. you can offer her freshmilk or FM in the daytime while you are away at work.

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you can try to offer her fresh milk via straw bottle first. Im second born totally rejected bottle TILL NOW. so i just gave milk in straw bottles.

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if you stopped pumping at work, your supply will def drop as the demand isn't there. How often are you pumping at work?

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only pumping once at work. I want to stop pumping but she doesn't wanna take bottle. so I scared if supply drop then she has nothing to drink when I latch her. I guess I will continue pumping then. thanks mummy.

Please do not stop pumping. If you do your supply will definitely drop.