When will you let your baby wear a shoes ? And i heard people say wearing a shoes before 1 year old is not good , can't walk etc ? Any experience to share ?

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Hi, I made my baby wear shoes after one, and that too just because she looked cute with shoes on, and she would hardly walk with them. After 15 months, she was wearing shoes as she had started walking but that too, she was't wearing the whole day. Only for a few hours when she was moving around. I think, you can make the baby wear loose shoes so that they do not hurt her and even when she is very tiny say, two three months old, even then you can make baby wear shoes. At this time, parents make babies were shoes to make them look cuter. Else they are not walking so they would anyway do no harm to them. Just make sure the shoes are of cloth, light in weight, are of best quality and comfortable for the baby. Also, make the baby wear shoes only for a short interval of time.

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I read that we should only let our babies wear shoes when they know how to walk. This is because we should not restrict the growth and development of their feet by letting them wear shoes. Therefore when I am out with my gal I let her wear socks only and hence she cannot cruise around outside. In fact at home i let her go barefooted without any socks too because I think it is good for their feet to feel things to have sensory development. Besides my gal loves to touch her feet so if I let her wear shoes and cruse around outside she will be touching her dirty shoes and later on touch her face and suck her fingers eeks!

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Old folks say if you let your baby wear shoes before 1 year old, then they won't learn how to walk. However, these days there are many babies that walk before 1, so to me it's just a myth. If you do intend to let your baby wear shoes before 1, try to follow these criterias: - lightweight and flexible to support natural foot movement. - made of leather or mesh to allow your baby's feet to breathe comfortably. - have rubber soles for traction to prevent slipping or sliding. My kids all wore pediped and seekairun prewalkers, you can check them out :)

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5y ago

ok thank you so much

I also let my girl to wear after 1 yo for two reasons: pantang as old folks said life will be hard in future and I do not want to take the risk, also in car she likes to touch her feet or when we are out and for hygiene purposes we only let her wear socks since it's washable

I gave mine shoes after he learns to walk. While learning to walk, it’s best for baby to learn barefoot. If you really have to get him shoes, for like when u take him out and stuffs, make sure the sole is soft. Once my baby walk well, I start buying him normal shoes.

my baby is also wearing socks until he started using the baby walker about 11mos, we put on very lightweight shoes or those socks/shoes type. when he turned 1yr 2wks he's already walking by himself and he's still using comfy, lightweight shoes.

I do not let my bb wear shoes or socks not because I'm pantang but I read that it is better to let them feel. I will only let him wear when he knows How to walk

I let them wear on special occasion to match outfit as young as 3 mths ... but when they learn to walk, then everyday shoes

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Before 1 year pantang one . Only can wear socks. After 1 yr only then can wear.