When is a good age to introduce cereal to babies?

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It is not recommended to start your baby on cereal before 4 months of age and thats only if your baby is getting formula. If your baby is excusively breastfed you should start solids around 6 months. Babies digestive systems can't handle our foods no matter how interested they seem It's OK to try rice ceral any time between 4-6 months. Your baby will let you know when s(he) is developmentally ready. Watch for the ability to sit up with little support, grabbing things with hands and bringing them to mouth, accepting the cereal from a spoon without forcing it out with the tongue. Rice cereal is an important 1st food because it is easy to digest and can be mixed w/EBM. It is best for baby to wait till 6 months old to start fruits and veggies in order to reduce risk of allergies and tummy aches. (Intestinal system is just not ready before that.) Wait 3-5 days between trying single ingredient new foods, so if your baby reacts to something, you will know what it was.

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It really depends on you whether you think your baby is ready for cereal (semi solid food). I introduced cereal mixed with bm or fm to my 4 mths old. Some parents prefer to wait till their baby is older like 6 mths and above as they want to feed their babies with bm exclusively. So is more of trial and error and knowing yourself and your baby as there isnt a really a good age.

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Most of my friends introduced rice cereal when they first start introducing solids to their babies. Usually when the baby is between 4 to 6 months old (mostly at 6 months). They will mix some cereal with breast milk for their babies.


I would say 6 months onwards