What is the right age to introduce baby comforters to help babies settle down?

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You can start introducing the comforter between six to 12 months (below six months, comforters are not recommended due to the risk of suffocation). (Here is an useful article with some indications when you can introduce the comforter, such as when your baby can roll over/move things: http://www.popsugar.com/moms/When-Put-Blanket-Crib-30905146) To minimize the risk of suffocation, you can choose one that has hooks/loops that you can attach to the cot. Your baby will form attachment to it and it will help with coping with separation anxiety when you are not around. Once the association is formed, your child will likely need their comforter till up to the ages of three to four years old. Here are some tips you can keep in mind when choosing a comforter: - Make sure it is made up of materials that will still allow your baby to breathe (in case he/she likes to have it over the face) - It should not be too big such that it can go around the neck (suggested size is about 38cmx38cm) - Avoid comforters filled with beans or has long fur that your baby could accidentally pull and inhale - You can also considering have two comforters. Will be helpful if they are machine-washable so you can rotate them and have a backup in case one goes missing

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You can start to introduce a comforter by placing it near to your baby as soon as the baby is born. You can place it beside the baby's cot and let your baby sees it to get familiar with it. It will be good that before introducing the comforter, keep it close to you for days so that it will has the smell of mommy. By 6-12 months, your baby will develop strong attachment to his or her comforter and start to use it to comfort himself / herself when mommy is not around. Kids need comforter the most when they are age 1-3 years old. http://www.sleepytot.com/baby-comforter-6/how-a-comforter-can-help-your-baby-sleep-through-the-night

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Any item introduced before 6 months of age must be made from a breathable fabric, such as the Cuski or made from muslin. If using a comforter under 6 months of age, we recommend attaching it to your baby's swaddle or sleeping bag with a safety-lock safety pin, so it can't get up over their face. If you are introducing one after that time, then any small, breathable comforter should be fine provided it has no loose stitching or any small pieces that can become unattached. http://www.thesleepstore.com.au/sleep-information/infant-sleep/sleep-information/introducing-using-a-comforter

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