No morning sickness and no vomitting on 5.5 week

Hello mommy I am 5.5 week pregnant, this is my first pregnency but l don't have any morning sickness and vomiting. Only sore breasts. Is this normal? Any one have the same problem?

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Congrats mommy! it is perfectly normal, either you are one of the lucky one with no morning sickness or like me, it started abit later. i didn't have any morning sickness until i was at 7week. my peak starts between 9week - 11week. morning sickness day and night. can barely stomach anything, whatever goes in will make its way to the toilet. was given nausea meds by my gynae but to be honest it doesn't helped much. im at week14 now, feeling much better.

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even I am 6th week 3rd day pregnant I am also not having any morning sickness and all I am also perfectly alright till now need to see further my next doctor appointment is at 8th week they called at 6th week only but I am going non 8th week it's not a problem right ?

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I'm about 5w2d. My symptoms was crazy at 4 weeks - nauseous, very sore boobs, fatigue, cramping. Now my symptoms are just mild soreness of the boobs, tired. My first scan will be the time when I'm at 9weeks.

This is not considered a problem, please enjoy 😂 I didn’t have morning sickness at all in my first trimester too! Now I’m on my way in third trimester and there are whole new sets of real problems to come 😂

Typically morning sickness will peak at week 9 from what I’ve heard but I didn’t have any morning sickness at all during my pregnancy. Hence gained an awful amount of weight! 18kg!! My LO is 4 months now.

Yes mine starts at week 7. And week 9-11 is the worse! I ate plain crackers before getting out of bed every morning to avoid severe nausea. Cannot eat much. Lost 1kg and now at week 17.

its perfectly fine. i had no morning sickness the entire 9 months for both my pregnancy, just a bit of heartburn & swollen feet at week 35 onwards.

it's normal I didn't have morning sickness or vomiting till I gave birth to my baby girl.. unlike my first born boy I had morning sickness.

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I didn’t have any morning sickness for my first and now second baby. We are one of those lucky mummies who don’t experienced vomiting.

im at week 18 now and had no morning sickness at all. only fatigue and on/off nausea. dont think its a problem. our good luck 👍🏽

Mine only started at around 6.5 weeks so your morning sickness may come later or if you are lucky, it will not come at all!