When I visited my aunt in Angono, I found out that my 14 y/o cousin kept having her first period secret from her parents and siblings because she was shy. How do you get your tweens and teens open up to you regarding this topic?

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Oh memories! Personally, I was reluctant to tell my mom whenI had my first period before--all because I was so shy and I am not really comfortable of 1. the experience of having the unexpected visit and 2. the idea of sharing that to anyone because I think it is something way too personal. But, having my mom to help me with all the things i needed to know made the situation a lot easier to handle. I guess that moms/parents should, at an early age, introduce girls the idea of having menstruation and what usually happens--and how to deal with it. In this way, they would more likely to open up because the topic is already out in the open and just make the conversation as casual as possible.

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I have always been body conscious and was secretive of the girly body changes during my puberty since i grew up with my dad. My mom, knowing that she wont we around as often, already taught us put sanitary napkins before we had ours. Since my mom already gave a heads up regarding that situation, it made me more comfortable to open up or, even if i dont want to, i already know how to handle the situation.

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The first thing i did when i got my first period is to go to my mom and ask what i should do. I guess it's because my mom has always been very involved with us and she anticipated it can occur anytime considering our age. I think she did the right thing.