When u have more than 1 child , is it common to have sibling fights n squabbles or even his simple snatching of toys n crying ? It is driving me nuts .. I have a 2 years old n 5 years old

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My kids also squabble a lot. But I make them apologize to each other and hug later on. My kids are 1 and 4 years old.

Me too! But it's a stage. It will happen they will squabble and that's okay as long as you correct and teach them. The joy of sibilings.

it is normal, it will not be normal if they dont fight and squabble..dont worry..its the fun of having siblings!

hi we have same kids age as yours + nb. for my 2 kids sometimes makes me so stress. my older one is boy so he really likes to bully his sister. actually its normal for siblings to fight most of the time i scolding them after that im guilty and hug & discipline them.

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yes its very normal. Actually they aren't fighting, just squabbling which is very common between siblings. You have to be firm in breaking up their fights and do constant explaining to them. But afterall, you will still see the happier side of them. Taking care of each other.

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Well my kids are the exact same ages as yours! It's very common and it's normal. But no, they are NOT driving me nuts. My method is repetitively separate them during a fight. Calm them down, talk to them individually asked what's going on, Then talk senses to them individually. I will then punish both of them but elder one harsher becoz she is the oldest she should guide the younger one along, help me to tc of didi, not getting in a fight with him. Just keep on repeat my way whenever they squabble or fight. Gradually they will remember my words, my teachings and slowly.. rarely fight. Squabble yes. That's very common.

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yes its common

we have kids of the exact same age!! It's very very very normal and common. It's part and parcel of having siblings. So don't worry about it! yes it drives me nuts. i ever just sat there and watch them fight. i told them. i shall see who win. mummy is tired from breaking fights

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