When is the earliest u get a positive pregnancy test? after you missed your period?

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I tested 3 days before my supposed period was due because I noticed the some symptoms (hungry every 2 hours, nausea). Got a faint positive line. Tested every 2 days after that. 3rd time was clear positive.

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My positive earliest is 2 weeks before menses.. And i thought is fake so i ended up 3 sticks all faint lines . And i got my no.2 ... My no.1 i got it 1 week before menses.. As my period are regular and longer .

A day before, obvious positive. Can feel the different, a very tender/sensitive breast, fatigue, no period pain just mild cramping. (And then try again 3 days later.)

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I tested 3 days after missed period. Was just a faint line but went to gynae and the ultrasound already showed a small dot :P

4 weeks after the last period should be able to show but to be sure I tested on week 5 or 6. Very clear and obvious line

3 days before missed period. 1st morning urine and it was positive. But I’ve symptoms before I tested positive.

U need to wait at least 2 to 3 weeks after ur missed period in order to get a confirmed positive test results.

im 7 days delayed..i got my pt this morning and its negative..how.many weeks does it takes.to use the pt?????

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U need to wait at least 2 to 3 weeks after ur due period before u can test to get a confirmed results.

On the day itself. But it was faint.. so i waited abt a week to test again. All the best💗