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How long after u missed your period did you test using the pregnancy kit?

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I used the test kit 3 days before my period was due.. I have super long stretches in between periods (mine is ave 38 days per cycle).. But I took the test as I was experiencing symptoms like tender boobs, body temp hotter than usual (keep feeling hot all the time), super tired all the time (like cannot get out of bed and sleepy all the time), water retention, etc.. My colleague dared me to take the test cos they sounded like pregnancy symptoms.. lol

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hi gudam..ako po 1month and 8days n akong delay pro negative sa pt kninang umaga..bakit po kaya?sept.23 ang first day last month ng regka ko tapos nung oct.5 may dugo na lumabas skin pro konti lang sya mga 3days yon..tpos oct.23 nga ndi n ako dnatnan hanggang ngaun

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Ako po nag 2months delayed then I used 2pT una prang shadow lang ung 2nd line then Ung isa 2 line na pero nung ngpaob ako kc lagi sumasaksi puson ko then I ultrasound ako wla nman baby.. PCOS lng dw ako.. So bkit ng positive ung dalwang pt ko? Then now we are trying prin to conceive. dinatnan lang ako last dec14 till now wla prin sumasakit lang tyan ko at puson ko.. so how to track pregnant.?

14 days later! Hahaha. I thought i was just stressed from work and honestly, we didn't plan on this pregnancy hence it didn't cross my mind till I noticed my menses took too long to arrive.

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1 week. It shows negative. Tested another 1 week later still negative. Then 2 weeks after again. Turns positive. Used those cheap preg test kit so maybe not so fast to tell results.

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Ohmy! 2 mons delay nako mamshi. Pero negative pdn result sa pt. Kase tig 38 pesos lang ung pt. Hehehe

A week after missed period and because I have an appraisal coming up for work and need to decide on courses to further study for.

5 days. I have a long cycle but didn’t think I was pregnant. But I vomited while taking the car and decided to take the test!

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Best to test it in the morning, your first urine. Maybe after 2wks. But I test it before I missed my period. Using clear blue.

I checked when i was 5months pregnant. Did'nt notice it since i was still breastfeeding my 13months old baby 😁

1 month🙃 missed the first month and waited for the next in case its a false alarm.. now im happily 11 weeks preggy

2 weeks. And I experienced cramps and spotting. Thought my period was coming after all. But turns out I was pregnant.