4-6 hours sleep?

When does your new born starts to sleep 4-6 hours overnight?

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My newborn wakes up 2-3 hours every night from 7pm onwards. Afternoon is a nightmare. She sleeps less then an hour and Most of the time she won’t sleep and will be awake for at least 4 hours no matter how I try. So no nap time for me. My secret to stay alert is Chicken Essence. Everyday 1 bottle. It really works wonders :)

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My LO started sleeping 4-6 hours around 1 month old. Around 2.5 months old, she was already sleeping 9-13 hours at night.

4y ago

My LO is 1.5mth sleeping 1-3 hrs, mostly 2 or less. 12 feed/day. Lol you are lucky

I doubt a newborn will sleep for six hours. you might need to wait at least until they are six months old.

my lo slept 4 hours by the first month. 6 hrs took a long time.. about 6 months

My Newborn is waking up every 2hr or less. Wondering if its normal.

4y ago

Good to hear that. Its draining though

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Around 6months onwards. My LO started to sleep longer.