My LO is coming to 4 months. He is able to sleep for stretches of 4-6 hours at night.

However, my wife tells me that I should wake him up at 4hour for feeds nightly. She fear that he will develop gastric. Do I have to feed him every 4 hours or to let him sleep and only wake up when he is hungry. #pleasehelp #advicepls #firstbaby

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I will let the baby slp. The baby will wake up when he’s hungry and wants milk. If we keep disturbing their slp, they will develop habitual wake up at those timing and then u will have another headache (too many wakes at night). Then, you will ask “why my child cannot sttn? Why wake up multiple time for milk?”

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I would count your lucky stars that baby can sleep for longer stretches! It’s ok to let him sleep and feed him only on cue. Or you could also opt to dream feed, which is to feed while baby continues to sleep. I don’t think you have to worry about gastric, you’d be the first to know if he’s hungry!

I feed my baby every 4 hrs even she can sleep thru the night. it's one way for her also to gain weight. I've tried not feeding her at night for a whole month as she can sttn but the ff month her weight did not increase. now I'm back to feeding her every 4 hrs.

My girl slept through the night (7-8hr) since she was 2weeks old, I didn't wake her up to feed, only if she fusses abit then I will dream feed her while I pump. Other than that I ALWAYS always always follow her cue

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We must feed every 2to 4 hrs ..