When did you and your husband start making love after giving birth to your child? When is it safe?

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Maalala ko 2 mos after. Kasi may breakthrough bleeding pa ako noon. Eh ayaw ko naman kasi na nag totot kami pag may dugo. Hehe

Depends on you mommy.. Normal kb or cs? If cs ka mga around 4 months okay n pero it depends p din sa body mo..

After 3.5 months. CS ako. Pareho kaming takot kaya we waited 3.5 months.

Safe from birth to 45 days.. beyond that need mo na mg control..

after my 1st menstration which is going 2months si baby..

1year and 8 months since OFW si Husband. 😁😁😁

5 months,.... Pag Ok na ang tahi if may tahi man

after a month kame.. normal delivery


3 months hahaha safe naman 😁

After 1 1/2 month