When Did Your LO Started showing Signs Of Teething Pains? How did you manage?

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My oldest didn’t show signs of teething pains. I am observing for my youngest who is currently 5.5 months old (PD said the teeth are coming out soon as he felt it under the gums). I prepared teethers just in case - normal and the kind that can be put in the fridge as coolness can ease teething pains.

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All my five kids teether different age. But my sons all 8 mths onwards. I normally give teether and also apply the teething gel. You can get at any pharmacy or even pd. I gave them mostly fruits popsicle, it helps.

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Mine never showed any sign so I think each baby is different. But you can give a cooling teether to chew on.

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It’s almost 8months onwards .. I hv given teethers N teething gels to sooth baby tooth


4th month start chewing on her toy and milk strike. First 2 tooth came out at 5th month.

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Don't want to drink milk.

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Over 8 months and apply teething gel to soothe discomfort

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A few mths