Your Weight: Before and after

What’s your weight before gave birth? How much weight had you lost after birth? Before: 48kg Pregnant: 60kg After: 55kg

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55–>61.8 Gained 6kg during my pregnancy! Gave birth to a 2.89 baby girl lost 7kg within the first week of birth! BF helps a lot and I think the main reason was that my baby was in and out of hospital for jaundice so I had no appetite to eat also that’s why lose so much weight

From 65kg to 80kg! Baby boy was 3.9kg. I lost 10 kg 4 days aft csect birth but sadly gained back 5kg aft confinement, food too good and breastfeeding makes me hungry always 😅Slowly reducing weight again now at 3 mths PP.

62 kg now 59 before I get pregnant 50 kg, think will not be able to go down 50 again

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Before Pregnant : 61 kg 😁 Pregnant : 76 kg 😆 Breastfeeding : 55 kg 😂

from 50kg to 68kg and now I'm 50kg :) went through 2 successful pregnancies

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any brand will do. i got mine at shopee which cost less than $10 😅 goodluck mommy!

Before birth - 56kg During pregnancy - 70kg After birth - 57kg

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before pregnant: 80 🤰: 76 after csec & breastfeed: 71

Before 50 🤰60 After 52