When will baby sit without support ? And when will they sit up by themselves while lying on the bed?

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Abt 5-6 months for sitting and abt 7-8 for by themselves while lying on bed. Every baby is different so no need to rush. If u are concerned then try to let baby have the opportunities to do the above tasks. I will read to him storybooks when he sit up (assisted w me behind then slowly progress to at the side). Giving praises and clap hands to praise him is another way to motivate baby

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They will start to sit assisted around 5months onwards. Some can sit up assisted at 6mths. They will sit up by themselves around 7-8 mths. Again all babies have different development pace so not to worry so much. They will eventually learn and what you can do is let them have sufficient tummy time

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Mostly about 5 to 6 months. However each child grow at their own pace. My boy is 8 months now and he can only sit unassisted for a few seconds.

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Sit up assisted around 5 months. Sat up by himself around 9 months old. Different baby have different development pace.

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All bb achieves it at diff times, can use bumbo to assist them!

Mine sit assisted at 5 mth n sit up by himself at early 8 mth

Mine about 5mths old.. but i agree, to each their own :)

Mine sit up by herself at 9 mths