What's the weirdest craving you ever had? My husband told me when his mom was pregnant with him, she craved for Guiness Stout and tiger's heart! Hahaha! He was relieved that my weirdest craving was Thai "Kaeng Som Kai Pla" (Asam Pedas fish roe) from a specific foodstall all the way in Phuket :P

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Wow, that's super spicy isn't it? I realised my threshold for spicy food has dipped since getting pregnant :( And my gf was telling me that she had super specific cravings when she had her 2nd child, her hubby and her took a plane to Indonesia to feast! Fortunately, it's pretty nearby though! LOL!

I had no cravings (lucky hubby)! But a cousin of mine made us dash out at odd hours for liquorice. ONLY strawberry-flavoured ones. Well when you gotta have it, you gotta have it!

My weirdest craving was to mix porridge with Bovril. I get my hubby to buy plain porridge from Kopitiam and Bovril from NTUC Fairprice early in the morning to satisfy my craving..

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My craving has been water chestnut. It's really tough to find that in Singapore. Looked at 10-12 different fruit stalls and finally found it at Marine Parade market!

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Tiger's heart :D wow thats a pretty interesting craving! My weird craving was pretzels with loads of cheese from one specific foodcourt !

I kept drinking Meiji's chocolate milk! It was strange and weird bcoz prior to this, I hated anything chocolate (except cake) hahaha!

That is a really specific craving! Lol. did hubby fly to get it for you?