Toddler sleep

My 26 mo toddler has been waking up crying/fussing every single night between 3-4am, no matter she sleeps as early as 9.30 or as late as 1230am. We have been battling with this for the past one week. Nothing has changed at home.

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dont worry mommy, this age usually its ngiht terror age. its a phase. it is important to just be there to monitor and wait it out. just ensure your lo does not hurt herself ok. i would recommend you not try to wake her up as it will prolong the ordeal. usually within 15-30min toddler will go back to sleep like nothing happened :)

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1y ago

i think its rly jst a phase maybe got milestones around then. with my LO i think lasted 2-3 weeks 🥺 now he is 34mo also still happens every now and then.