How often does ur child get sick in IFC/CC?

Getting sick is normal in CC but both my toddler and infant have been sick every single week since october. Does your child faces the same thing? Is it normal to be sick every week in CC?

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Most of my friends that send the kids to IFC or CC tends to fall sick. But there are also that send to KN they fall sick often too. It could be their immunity be low or other kids that are having symptoms of falling sick, still comes to school. Since children do not have vaccine beside those that they took during check up, this affect them. It can also be due to the environment in school, too cold or just the air pollution around cause then to fall sick. Hence, it is important to boost them with vitamins that help to build their immunity stronger.

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You can give them supplements. I give my children Avance Vpropolis and LB30. They fall sick lesser. Cough and flu normally stop within a week