What was your weirdest pregnancy dream?

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I was Leaving the market on the phone with my boyfriend finding out he got another girl pregnant with twin boys and he was so excited and sent me pictures I could vividly see but I was so hurt and it felt and looked so real. it started raining and I was trying to find my car but I parked all the way at the last lot and I couldn’t get there fast enough I got soaked and cried in the car then I woke up 😭

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My pregnancy dreams are so weird. I don't know if it's because I'd like watching horror movies.. that it got into my dreams. I saw my stomach moves a lot.. it was painful and saw my babys pointed fingers(like a claws of dragons) 😅😅poking on my belly and destroyed it..she wants to go out. It is always the same dreams.

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I am too tired to dream for this pregnancy! I always sleep so soundly at night. But for my first pregnancy, I remember I always dream about my baby's gender before I found out the actual gender of my first baby. Some nights I dreamed my baby is a boy and some other nights I dreamed my baby is a girl.

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Alot of my mommy friends shared that they had lots of sexy dreams during pregnancy, mostly with movie stars. 2 of them said they dreamt about Ryan Gosling (lucky them haha!)

My pregnancy dreams were so intense! They were like action movies and it wasn't always clear whether I was the hero in the movie or the one watching it. Very James Bond-y

I hardly dream during pregnancy but I remember dreaming of a white elephant when I was expecting my elder girl.

I don't really remember my dreams. but I vaugely dreamt holding my baby in my arms and singing to it.

I don't dream and I don't watch horrible movie. Just song better